Solar Commercial

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Make smarter choices for your business 

  • Minimise your power bills
  • Independent from power companies
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Return on equity
  • Sustainable

Solar is a great way to reduce your running costs – almost overnight!

At Auric Solar we can assist you with everything from design to installation of your solar energy installation. Our prices are competitive, and our technicians are proficient in Solar System installs.

Solar Energy

By installing Solar you are choosing to live a more energy efficient lifestyle that will impact positively on your business. 

The idea of going with Solar is to self- consume as much generated energy as possible to save buying it from the energy retailer, the additional bonus is of course being able to ‘sell’ any surplus energy back to the power company too.

As energy prices continue to rise and Solar Panel solutions continue to improve and become cheaper to buy, more and more people are realising the true benefits of Solar Energy for their business.

At the moment it only takes 5–7 years to make back upfront costs with electricity savings.

How do solar panels work?

Solar Energy is, when simply put, energy that is harnessed from the sun and turned into useable energy for your business. 

Solar Panels turn the suns energy into a DC current which is then transformed into an AC current by a device called an Inverter. The Inverter is connected to a switchboard and the AC energy is distributed to the installation via that switchboard.

The concept is a very easy one. Once the panels are installed there are no moving parts, so maintenance is kept to a minimum. Only cleaning and basic servicing required on an annual basis.

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Solar finance

We partner with Smart Ease for flexible payment solutions for every type of business and organisation. When it comes to payment solutions for energy-efficiency equipment, we rely on Smart Ease for competitive rates, fast approval and excellent service for our commercial customers.

Payment Plans
With Smart Ease Payment Plans for solar panels, storage and associated equipment, you can start saving instantly, take control of electricity costs and move towards sustainability goals.
Smart Ease Payment Plans are ideal for commercial solar projects of all sizes. They’re fast, fuss-free and 100% online, with deals up to $150,000 pre-approved in around 4 minutes.

• No up-front payments
• $150k instant approval
• Competitive rates
• 4-min application & fast approval
• Up to 10 year payment terms
• Lower energy bills
• Stay on top of cash flow
• Tax benefits